Office with poor air care standards

Office with poor air care standards

One of the key factors to a clean and healthy office environment and the effective implementation of hygiene services standards is the state of the ventilation in the building.

What happens when you work in an office with poor air care standards?

Section 8 of the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that every employer must provide, as far as is reasonably practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health of his employees.

In our article: Does your office fulfil the correct Occupational Hygiene Service requirements, we looked at what this means in terms of the spreading of hazardous agents such as bacteria and fungi. In this article however we will determine what measures a business needs to put in place in order to comply with the OHS Ventilation Act.

As air-conditioning systems function as the primary ventilation systems of most buildings, it is most often directly linked to the spread of illnesses and disease and if managed incorrectly can cause discomfort and have a negative impact on employee productivity and wellbeing. If a building is not regularly cleaned, has damp problems and has generally poor hygiene services standards, this will make the spread of diseases through the air-conditioning systems even easier and quicker.

So what is the solution to poor ventilation hygiene service standards?

A solution to this problem is that air ventilation systems need to be continuously checked and correctly maintained, preferably by a professional company. This includes:

• Air quality test results

• Workplace inspections

• Listening to complaints from employees about air quality and acting on this.

Before the above is even done however, the spread of germs, bacteria and fungi needs to be minimised throughout the workspace by regular cleaning and utilising an effective professional cleaning  services company. This minimises the amount of bacteria that can multiply in an unsavoury air-conditioning system and half the battle will have already been won. The regular and effective cleaning of shared work surfaces, the practice of good personal hygiene such as washing of hands and the elimination of any mould, dust or dirt in an office environment goes a long way to prevent the spread of illnesses.

As an employee, If you are not satisfied with your working environment, you have the right to lodge a formal complaint with your occupational health and safety representative at your company, or you can contact the Department of Labour to investigate the working conditions further.

If you are looking for a reliable hygiene services company to ensure compliance to hygiene service standards in the workplace, be sure to contact our Office Cleaning Service team today. We are experienced in all types of hygiene service solutions and pride ourselves in the expert delivery of hygiene services countrywide.

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